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06 Apr 2013 - 11:13100486
Deadpool Suit opinions/ 2nd gen pokemon gym badges
Hey guys i couldn;t think where else to post this does anyone know where to a buy a decently priced/ quailty deadpool suit? i know its a bit of a long shot but thought id ask. Also one of my friends wanted to ask is there anyway he could make some cheap pokemon badges for his morty cosplay ? thank you for your time

Anyone think this would be good for DP? and has anyone dealt with cosplaygate before?


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07 Apr 2013 - 22:47100562
I'd go for cosfun.net and alter the mask (if you need someone to alter it for you I have previously done one) as for the badges maybe try looking on Etsy?

08 Apr 2013 - 20:04100596
ty i got the suit sorted on a website and the badges i found on etsy

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