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13 Apr 2013 - 14:06100893
Quote MattDark:

One the one side, you have the story pick up where the last film left off, seeing Tony Stark face the repurcussions of creating Iron Man. With varios nations/companies attempting to create their own versions of the Iron Man armour, and others who are able to recreate the power source of the suit itself.

That sounds interesting!! But I can imagine it is a little bloated if they're adding characters etc in
Thanks for the heads up on the films ^^

13 Apr 2013 - 16:41100898
Not a problem.

I think it was a case that they wanted to really start pushing towards the avengers film. There is a brief teaser at the end of Iron Man 1, but it was Iron Man 2 that they used to really say it was going to happen.

Don't know if you have watched Thor or Captain America, but they both had hints towards the avengers film too, but were handled much better IMO.

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