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03 Apr 2013 - 17:28100357
WANTED: Red Resin Gems
Hello! I've never done resin casting before and I don't think I have the time/funds to invest into purchasing all the items required to make what I need, especially when what I need, isn't alot!
Link to cosplay:
Morgana Cosplay

I'm basically looking to get 3 red gems made, 2 oval shaped ones (about 2" in length, 1" width) and one square diamond shaped gem (2" width + height. If anyone has any of these to spare or can knock up some with previous molds please let me know with quotes of how much it'll cost! I'd ideally like it done by the end of may for expo as I'm jsut planning on touching up the costume instead of making a whole new one!

Thanks alot in advance!!!

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