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02 Apr 2013 - 20:56100314
Hello *wave* :3
Hi everyone!

I'm Maddy, 24 year old and native Dutch, but living in the UK (since about 1.5 years already now..!)

I love cosplaying and going to cons, but I don't know that many people here in England with the same hobbies, so I am mainly here to make some new friends

I've got tons of generic interests like, reading, cooking, dancing, taking pictures etc etc..

Currently I am working on my Maya (borderlands) costume! My latest finished cosplay was C.Viper (see avatar..) and I have many many more plans..

Uhm... Well, I'll have a look around this forum and hopefully in the future make some new friends


03 Apr 2013 - 18:31100358
Welcome to Cosplay Island. It’s a friendly place and people are always willing to help and offer advice.

I expect that there will be a Borderlands group that you could join at the next Expo as I have spotted several people that are working on Borderlands costumes on here.

04 Apr 2013 - 18:10100399
Hi thanks for the welcome!

oh that would be cool, I'll keep a look out!

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