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02 Apr 2013 - 14:53100291
Stickin' it to the man - get support for online comps
A lot of competitions are done online these days and it's hard to get the support when they turn into popularity contests for those who can share their entries and get as many of their friends to like as possible. I noticed that cosplay.com has a site to refer to external competitions that you may need a helping hand with.

I'm not sure if this is against the rules but rather than making a thread just for my entry I thought it might be nice if there was somewhere that everybody could ask for help. You don't necessarily have to vote for my entry if you don't think that it's the best, all I ask is that you take a look and consider it (just so I'm not ramming it down your throat or anything) I'd be winning a goodie bag from my favourite craft store from this.

I've got until Friday before mine ends so all that I'd ask is that you click this link and like the photo shown:

Thanks in advance if anyone does decide to 'like' my entry and hopefully we can help out other fellow cosplayers

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