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10 Apr 2013 - 23:45100763
Quote Aerblade:
I can imagine that this would be particully difficult to do...both accuratly and practically. Really shows at 1.22

If a cosplayer went for the "simpler" version at 1:48, they could get a white/faded red schoolgirl uniform, build the mantis-like arms/legs up from the relevant parts of an appropriately coloured zentai suit, perhaps allowing the "sleeves" to be strapped/secured against the shoulders underneath the clothes to offset the weight.

As for the head, I guess it could be done by heavily modifying a kigurumi mask and maybe shrouding the wearer's real head beneath black fabric while the "teeth" are mounted just beneath the mask's nose.

Not impossible for those with sufficient skill, but it'd be one hell of an ambitious (and expensive) undertaking. Also, that song will end up haunting me now.

11 Apr 2013 - 07:55100764
Quote Andrew Armstrong:
Might be hard to do larger things, but talking human size not sure.

One thing is possibly bits like Rorschach's mask to work in real time would hard - anyone seen one working?

Yep, Seen a Rorschach mask that moves, not completely like in the movies but quite well, they used thermal paint like you get on some mugs so their breathing made the dark marks appear and disappear. I'll get a video when I get home from work later

12 Apr 2013 - 20:28100870
Here is a video:


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