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01 Apr 2013 - 18:39100222
Bioshock Rosie
Friends, Romans, cosplay fans. lend me your expertise! I;m wanting to cosplay as a bio-shock Rosie at mcm London in October.

The making of the costume I don't really need help with BUT I am wanting to add an extra slice of awesome sauce by adding (hidden) speakers into the sides and rear of the helmet so i can make those sweet sweet Rosie sounds.

anyone got any experience in this type of epicness? need help with ideas for powering it and mounting them in a way that wont kill my face.


01 Apr 2013 - 18:57100223
Speakers you can get in all sizes etc.

It depends on how loud and good quality you want it.

You can rig up via an audio splitter some walkman speakers, though in a loud arena it would barely be audible. You want something with a bit of grunt.

Enter mini-amplifiers. You can get tiny little amps that are designed for eletric guitars and these can be worn on the waist. I believe there is a built in power unit/battery space.

Lights are mainly my forté, I don't know too much about audio unless its to do with cables etc. My advice would be to mill about a place like maplin and see what components you need, how much juice they require to power and how much you can carry for battery packs. I would advise staying within the 12v envelope as you can get an 8xAA battery holder that'll output to 12v and it's a tiny little case you can slip in your pocket. Anymore and we're looking at bigger packs and batteries get very heavy.

Edit: it may also be worthwhile looking into a second hand portable hifi/boombox and cannibilising the parts. These will already be designed to work outdoors and all the wiring is done. Just go for as much wattage as possible to avoid sounding tinny.

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01 Apr 2013 - 19:05100224
I work at Maplin, haha! thanks for your advice, hadn't thought about the boom box re hashing

01 Apr 2013 - 21:39100235
That's even better as you got guys (or even you) would know the best thing for wiring/components.

Recycling is a massive part of cosplay, always see/hold onto things you can re-use. Hell you might even be able to strap a ghetto blaster/boomtube to your back, inside the giant cylinder and be done with it.

01 Apr 2013 - 22:31100240
Yeah that may be the best option. I have a long time for trial and error yet. I'll have a look at possibilities on my next shift, this is going to be all kind of awesome!

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