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31 Jan 2009 - 16:0310291
Famous Sephioth Cosplay avalible
If this is okay with the mods.

A friend of mine on the US cosplay circit is parting from his renowned Sephiroth cosplay. Lord Masamune made the whole thing and helped me with my armour. So I offered to post the link here.


Sadly, I can't bid for it myeslf as it would save me having to make another set of armour (mine ended up being too small).


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31 Jan 2009 - 19:2210293
:O! That's a very rare cosplay, especially as it's been made famous by Lord Masamune.

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
01 Feb 2009 - 03:4210301
Fine looking cosplay ^^ It would have to be for 800 dollars ^.^ its movie worthy ^^ he looks just like sephy

01 Feb 2009 - 20:4310308
Yeap, it is an excellent cosplay. I was so gald when he helped with armour sugguestion for mine.

I wouldn't of normally posted something like this but I've been figuring out a way to return the favour it this seems like the best way.

02 Feb 2009 - 12:4810321
I admit that it's a fantastic cosplay, but I would never dream of forking out $800 for it O_O I wish him luck in finding a buyer though...

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