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19 Mar 2013 - 21:3499372
Bodysuit advice
Hey there
I'm looking into making some Soul Calibur cosplays, Ivy and Tira's costumes from SC5 and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice in using a bodysuit in the costumes?

Thank you! ~


24 Mar 2013 - 00:0799648
When you say body suit are you meaning using a skin coloured bodysuit and then adding detail to it either by sewing or painting or do you just mean making body suits in general?

If your talking about making them I have used this pattern in the pastKwik Sew 3052 It was good for some things and a good starter base but with some fabrics you can just get away with drawing round your body. But this is a good pattern if your not confident in this.

I have also bought Zentai suits off eBay. These can be good. The one I had need to be modified a bit but no major problems and there not overly expensive for the amount of time they can save.

Hope that helps. This was a bit of a general overview but if there any exact answers feel free to PM me or write back here

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