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05 Feb 2009 - 23:4710474
Quote ryukredapples:
Quote ryaoki:
i just sighned up but im a bit miffed as theres no info ON ANYTHING were it is, what date its att, what accomandation is in the area, and i cant even seem to get in contact with the emails theyve posted up, any help?

Ok *Kamen Rider Pose* the venue as far as I can summise is Northampton ^^ and the accomadation is the brittania hotel, the room price is like 50-60 a night i think O_o i know its harsh but apparently a nice hotel and famous for doing cons and shit.

dont quote me but thats the info so far ^^ hope this helps.

brittania was 2 years ago ^_^

this fuyu is at the park inn in northampton =)

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