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10 Mar 2013 - 15:2798668
SELLING: Hatsune Miku Cosplay, Wigs, Guide Books, Bow, GoT Figurine, Custom T-Shirts and more!
I am in desperate need of money to be able to make more costumes!

Payment through Paypal~

Hatsune Miku Cosplay (Default)

It includes the hairbands, the arm bands, the stockings, skirt, chain, tie and shirt.

I've hardly worn this, so it's in very good condition.

Will fit size 8-10, I'm asking for £35!

I'm also selling the wig! If you want it all together I'm asking for £60.

If you want the wig individually I'm asking for £25. (The wig is in need of detangling!)

Dark blue wig

I would like £12 for this wig!

Dark brown short wig

I styled this wig for Merrill from Dragon Age but right now it's unstyled. (It has a fringe)

I'm asking for £10

Lovely flapper dress

I'm asking for £20

Fruits Basket Manga

I have quite a few of these large manga copies which I'd like to sell for £6 each. If you want them as a set, PM me for details! (I have more than pictured!)

Fable II Limited Edtion Guidebook including Artbook

I'm willing to sell this for £20

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Guidebook

Selling for £16

Pokedex Guidebook

Selling for £14

Wooden Bow

I have two of these bows! They measure up to approximately 1 metre and are in really good condition!

Asking price is £9 each.

One on hold for Neko_kat89

Game of Thrones - Tyrion Lannister Vinyl Figurine

Asking price for this is £15. This is in mint condition, as it has never been opened.

Games and Anime

Harvest Moon games £15 each.
Negima! DVDs, £15 each.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to PM me ! ^_^


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10 Mar 2013 - 15:5598671
Do you trade?

I like to cosplay, read manga, study Japanese, korean and Chinese. I like Anime and a lot more.
10 Mar 2013 - 16:4698676
Unfortunately no, I'm sorry >_< I really need the money.

13 Mar 2013 - 20:4698947

18 Mar 2013 - 21:5599281

20 Mar 2013 - 01:5899385
I am interested in one of your bows as I am looking for one for my kagome cosplay and can would you mind waiting until friday

20 Mar 2013 - 23:0399456
@neko_kat89 : Thats absolutely fine ^_^ I shall put it on hold for you!

01 Apr 2013 - 04:21100201

01 Apr 2013 - 08:01100204
I'd like to buy the other of those bows but what would postage be like? Are you going to any cons I could pick it up from?

02 Apr 2013 - 15:34100298
@Crazedteensie - I'll have to go to the post office and check and I'll get back to you as soon as I know how much postage will be And you could possibly pick up at Expo, but it's not a definite, sorry ^^

05 Jun 2013 - 15:48103659

30 Jul 2013 - 19:59105484

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