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30 Jan 2009 - 18:4810266
I've always wanted to cosplay Aisha! I don't go to London Expos or Aya though, so... XD

30 Jan 2009 - 20:1010267
Quote SephNoir:
From what I can see of Hazanko he wouldn't be too hard, the shoulder armoud seems the hardest part and the rest if big robes from what I can remember. Although the pirate robot would be fun to do and I do already have a zentai suit. It's those two that I'm thinking of most so we'll probably have one of those.

brillant well i look forward to it whatever you decide ^^ and i def wanna see peoples progress pics when they put them up on here. can't wait for this now.

you should try to come to expo or ayacon they really are great events FreyaCrescent

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07 Jun 2009 - 22:3415536
hey just wonderin if people are still intrested in doing this as i still want to see an outlaw star meet. ^---^ and i could also get lots of photos to keep

08 Jun 2009 - 17:4015561
ahh dosen't look like anyones gonna be doin this now, pity, but if anyones intrested just send me a messge and let us know

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