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08 Mar 2013 - 16:5498533
Cosplay Advice?
I Have no idea who to cosplay for Camcon 2013 (Cambridge Comic Con) I'm Looking mostly at Male Characters.


(Here's a Photo of my face ..)

I'm 5'10
I have blue eyes and Brown Hair. ^_^

08 Mar 2013 - 23:2198566
It depends on a number of things really?

1) will you be making the cosplay herself? or buying it?

2) if you are making it yourself, it will also depend on your skills

3) if you are buying it, your budget

4) your time scale? when is the event that you want to cosplay at

5) what anime/manga or game series do you like? and the kind of character do you like (do you like the good guys or the bad guys)

But I'd say your hair colour doesn't matter too much as you can wear a wig

But aside from anything else, cosplay, aside from an elite few, is about having fun. Your costumes dont have to be perfect, as long as you like it and have fun wearing it, thats the most important thing

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