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28 Jan 2009 - 23:5910187
QQ and Cos-Magic/advice with measuring
I want to order costumes from QQCosplay.com and Cosplaymagic.com but I'm a little worried about measurements and sizes, especially since one costume is a little tight fitting (Naruto ANBU). I'm concerned that I might mess up and it might turn out either too big or too small.
I'm not very good with measurements since 2 costumes I've bought from commissioners came out different sizes despite me giving the same measurments to both of them. I went to the nearest measurement and added a little to it, if that makes sense. I just find measurements confusing.

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated <3

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29 Jan 2009 - 07:4010195
Unfortunately even giving the absolutely perfect measurements can result in an ill fitting costume depending on the commissioner. The only thing you can do is take as many and as accurate measurements as you can. If they have a guide on their site for what measurements they want then that should help. Always make sure to include you're height and weight too. Luckily if a costume does arrive too big it can normally be taken in.
From what I've read online QQcosplay is generally good but a few people have had problems with ill fitting costumes. If it does need altering make sure you order it in enough time. There's nothing worse than taking a costume with you to a con and finding out it doesn't fit on the day.

29 Jan 2009 - 10:2010199
I've never actually had a costume made to fit me, but the standard sizes given on moon costumes (exactly the same as cosplay magic) are quite accurate. I'm in the same situation with measurements though, I'm scared it'll all go wrong >.<

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