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07 Mar 2013 - 00:2698385
Need advice on cloth
Hello, I'm working on a cosplay on the new Aion 4.0 gear its the robe in this picture for female: http://i.imgur.com/yeUVX.jpg
I'm trying to get some suitable fabrics for red and white on top of this I'm a massive newbie...

I've done a bit of sewing before. Far from perfect i'll admit but with a good amount of determination I'm hopeful to pull it off.

What fabric would be good to use?
Is there any places online that sell cheap-ish fabric? (I don't have much money.)
What methods have you used that worked for you?
Does it matter if details are simplified? Or does it ruin the costume?
Any other advice?

Sorry if there are errors typing on android isn't as easy as I'd like it to be. Anything is helpful and appreciated since this is all new and exciting to me. You're never too old to love cosplay!

07 Mar 2013 - 05:2598394
First things First - These outfits are gorgeous *^_^* Right now that's out of my system we shall move on

What fabric would be good to use?
For the white I would be tempted by some sort of Satin or taffetta. Basically something with a slight shine to it. I really like the Duchess and Princess Satins but these can be quite expensive but they always have a nice finish. Compared to the cheap satins you can buy - try and avoid cheap satin as best you can. May even be worth checking charity shops and seeing if they have a white dress you can wear underneath so less sewing
I would use thi fabric either in white or the beige:
It's really good quality and middle of the road on price. Also these guys do free postage when you spend over £35 They also do this fabric in wine which would be a good option.

Though I would also be tempted by Velvet. But something with a bit of weight to it so it doesn't fly open. Try and stick to the cotton Velvet a again cheap cheap crushed velvet can look nasty. Something like this:
Also charity shops sometime have old velvet curtains. Depending on the cost this can be a cheaper way of buying velvet

Is there any places online that sell cheap-ish fabric? There's actually a thread discussing this topic at the moment so you might wanna check there:

What methods have you used that worked for you?
I'm not sure I follow. Do you mean what methods or sewing or was their a specific aspect? With my earlier cosplays I sewed by hand and never had a problem. It just took longer was all. Then I invested in a machine and have never looked back

As for actual dress construction I would be tempted to make an under dress in the white fabric then an overdress of the red. I would be tempted to cut the detail on the dress out then sew a panel of black to the back so that it has the definition and then add the detail either with embroidery or paint. The embroidery will look more fitting for the outfit but depending on your machine or by hand it can be time consuming. For the gold trim I would again either embroider this or by pleather/pvc in an old gold pattern and cut the design out with a craft knife and sew onto the dress. Also for the gold trim that runs down the edge of the skirt (closest to white panel) you can buy some really gorgeous border ribbon that will have a pattern on it - ribbon saves a lot of time and can be attatched easily. For the pieces hanging down under the fur again I would use a combo of gold and black pleather. The nice thing about pleather is when it's is cut you don't have to seal the edge - it will just hold I'm not sure how complicated you want to make this so I will stop there but do feel free to ask more questions if I've not been specific enough I'm rambling lots but the outfits are so pretty

Does it matter if details are simplified? Or does it ruin the costume? Not at all. Cosplay has artistic license so make of it what you will And infact simplier versions can look a lot better because you havn't attempted something too difficult and messed it up On the flip side of this you don't know how good you can be untill you try. Also push those boundaries. If it doesn't come out as you'd hoped you've learnt a lot from it and can apply that to future work Cosplay does have aspects that are simply trial by fire but do something you feel comfortable wearing. You'll have more fun in an outfit your proud of so make it you own

Any other advice?Pretty much what I've already mentioned - just go for it. You don't know till you try right? Besides we all had to learn somewhere and if you get stuck there are plenty of people on here willing to help. But remember charity shops are you friend - you can find some really useful things there Good Luck

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07 Mar 2013 - 11:0198399
I fully support all of Gaming Goddess' suggestions here. How she put forward how to make it is exactly what I would do to make this costume.

To add with the velvet though; if you're struggling to find a cheap heavy velvet you like, you could always buy a lightweight velvet then interface it. It'll be more work but could work out to be cheaper.

You may also be able to find a velvet swirlie trim detail online for the top top of the bodice/part of the skirt, that'll raise it up and add texture.

As to not doing all the details; these are fairly difficult decals to put on, being that they're raised rather than painted on and the shape doesn't really help matters. I think as long as you get the jist of the design (the hood swirliness would look fine just painted on, in example), you'll be fine. Sometimes, trying to get the detail can ruin a cosplay as it's just not feasible with time and money restraints

Although... Damn you for putting this in my radar! Dat leather, Chain and Bard ooooompf! I don't have the money to make it though

Ayacon Plans
07 Mar 2013 - 12:4898407
Thank you so much both of you I will be checking all of those places. Fingers crossed I don't make a pigs ear of it. I don't have a machine but hand sewing is fine with me, finally textiles is paying off.

One benefit of where I live: 5 charity shops in the high street xD
but yeah really I wasn't expecting replies so indepth. Thanks so much!

Note: I have access to foam, embroiding an gluegun because my sisters are also making cosplay so would that be any use on the pauldrons?

09 Mar 2013 - 23:5698646
Quote NixieThePixie:
If you're struggling to find a cheap heavy velvet you like, you could always buy a lightweight velvet then interface it. It'll be more work but could work out to be cheaper.

I love this suggestion. I always forget about interfacing but it is a really good trick for adding weight/keep fabric in shape So definatly second this

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