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28 Jan 2009 - 21:0710180
Torquay Anime/Cosplay Bowling/Quazar meetup
(X-posting from MCMExpo Forums)

As it says! We're having a cosplay/general anime meet/bowling/maybe quazar day in Torquay!

We're not sure what time we're meeting up yet, but it'll probably be about 12pm at the AMF Bowling (up the road from the rainbow funhouse/harbour)

Cosplay isn't needed but loved. <3
Monies is needed for bowling and foodsnacks and stuff.
Chances are I'm bringing Pocky. x3

Attendants so far:
Myself (Will be attending as Walter C. Dornez or Jade Edgeworth)
Andy (A friend of mine)
Alex (A member of court records
Chrissy (Another one of mine/Andy's friends)

We've got a few more we're asking around about now...
Since our Recon isn't happening until April and that's the last one we have to make our own cosplay fun. : D

Care to join us?

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