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05 Mar 2013 - 19:3398225
Cosplay Supplier and Wig supplier Reviews
Hey guys so I have people ask me where they should buy there cosplays.

So I thought I would create this thread for you all who need this for as help to other cosplayers.

Here is what you do:

Cosplay/wig Supplier: (Input there name and website)
What cosplay you bought:
Rate it: ?/10
Write a review good or bad!
and finally picture of your cosplay if you like

I think this would be really beneficial. Repeats of the same supplier are welcome.

Here is mine.

Cosplay/wig Supplier: Gekkou wig (http://www.gekkouwig.com/)
What cosplay you bought: Asuna from sword art online(ALfheim Online Avatar Vers)
Rate it: 7/10
Write a review good or bad!:

Fairly good! They used slightly shiny materials. A bit more shiney than I wanted, but very well made and had to make minor adjustment to the costume. They also supplied me the wig also which was amazing and soft but felt the wig was a little overpriced.


Love With Your Heart And Soul

06 Mar 2013 - 12:2998279
I only really buy wigs online but I hope this is helpful to some people:

Wig Supplier: International Wigs.com
What Wigs you bought: Soooooo many (see examples below)
Rate it: 8/10
Review: I really love this company and I go back to them for all my natural coloured wigs. They stock a wide range of Sepia and New Look wigs which I have colour wheels for so this makes it a lot easier when ordering. They often have discount coupons which can be used throughout the store and they also give you points everytime you shop. Only downside is there based in America so if it's a rush job for a cosplay deadline sometimes it doesn't make it but that's not their fault it's my fault for not allowing enough time. But I highly recommend them. The arn't heat resistant but they are a very good quality. Do be careful though as they have a range of wigs on their website and some of them are the nasty smiffy style wigs but they are very cheap and their photos often look shiny so you can see
Examples of wigs from them include:


Wig Supplier:http://www.epiccosplay.com/
What Wigs you bought: Base wig and spare wefts for Twilight Sparkle Wig (see Below)
Rate it: 1/10
Review: I was really unlucky when I bought from this company and I think I would of been happy with the items I ordered had their customer service not been rude. I order £100 worth of wig stuff and paid for express shipping (which was through the roof) for it to arrive in time for my event. Unfortunatly it got lost and took me a further 8 months to get my item from them. When it came through it had the original post stamp from when they first tried to send it to me and they hadn't made any effort to resend and ignored most of my emails. It wasn't until I contacted them via facebook that they were interested. I also didn't feel the quality was as amazing as they make out. I mean I've brought nicer wigs on eBay. Even though it's a heat resistant wig I find it tangles more than some of my normal wigs. I don't think I will use them again. They have a really nice range of colours and if your looking for something specific I would prehaps look here but like I mentioned I've bought nicer wigs off eBay with less hassle. But I would like to hear people having a good experience with this company because I really did love the range of colours they offer
The wig I brought and modified is:

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