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04 Mar 2013 - 19:4298134
Morning all, all morning!
Hello all!!

After my first 'real cosplay experience last year at MCM London October, I decided to sign up to the forums here as I'm working on quite a few new cosplays!

Actually had a completely custom and hand made Joker costume for the past 5 years which I may take to MCM May this year, and am now working on Psycho mantis from MGS as my first MAJOR cosplay project I've added a few samples up on my costume section and will be updating them over the next few weeks

Other than cosplaying, I'm a huge gamer - to the point of owning my gaming site (yes owning as its a registered domain name ^^) so if anyone's interested in that just ask and i'll provide the link

So that's me! Hope to meet a few of you around !


05 Mar 2013 - 07:5198180
Hi Nick! Awesome choice with Psycho Mantis, it's a sweet costume and I can't wait to see it finished!

What do you cover on your gaming website? I'd love to take a look!

 photo cosplaysig1.jpg
05 Mar 2013 - 12:2898199
It covers pretty much everything from reviews to just industry issues I ran it independantly when i was using blogger as a host and then registered my own domain and got in 2 other new writers ^^

The new site is still pretty much under construction but I'd happily give you the other link where the vast majority of my content is

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