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04 Mar 2013 - 18:2398110
New to patterns!
Hi there!

For May MCM expo 2013 I was planning to cosplay Ponyo!

I've seen her costume done a few times, and after watching the film I want nothing more than a cute red dress!

I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for a dress that resembles this?

However, I've never read patterns before, so if there are any tips for myself(and any other new-bies!) that would be great!

This will be my first costume made from scratch, so any help would be appreciated! <3

05 Mar 2013 - 06:5598179
For the dress I would suggest either:
but adding a collar to it and making the skirt shorter or

but you would have to make it so the buttons were on the back and the front is a single piece and alter the collar. But it's whichever you prefer

And for the Bloomers I would use this pattern:

When you get your pattern make sure you get the correct size. Quite often each pattern will usually cover two ranges of sizes. A small range which is like 6 - 12 and then a larger range. So be mindful of that and sometimes they have the same style for adults and kids so that can be confusing.

When you get your pattern figure out from the instructions which size you are and which lines on the pattern this relates to. Lots of people cut their patterns out and then the pattern is only one use. I often trace my pattern onto newspaper so it can be used over and over again at different size But it's quite a faff so it's completely up to you.

Inside the pattern will tell you which pieces you need to cut out for your planned project and how many are needed to line your project. I'm quite a lazy cosplayer so I hardly ever bother lining stuff but depending on your fabric choice some fabrics must be lined - generally the thinner ones.

Good luck Feel free to ask any further questions or PM me

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