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28 Feb 2013 - 19:3097813
Any Boku no Pico cosplayers?
Hi ^^
So I'm making my Pico cosplay right now and my friend Russel (Chico14) cosplay's Chico soon. We're wondering if anyone else Cosplays Boku no Pico?

I'm going to be cosplaying Pico on the Saturday of London MCM Expo May 2013, and Russel Might cosplay as Chico then too ~

Anyone wanna do a small photoshoot type thing or hang out? :3

- Vic (EtoilesMelody)

- Don't try and bend the spoon, Thats Impossible, Instead try to realise the truth, There is no Spoon. What bends is your Mind. - Matrix

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01 Mar 2013 - 17:5697861
Yes, I am cosplaying as Pico's bar owning "don'tgiveashitifheismolested" grandfather. A friend of mine is cosplaying the pedophile you shoves icecubes up Pico's underage arse too. It would be great to organise a group photoshoot.

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