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28 Feb 2013 - 16:1097805
WANTED!: Captain America Avengers Movie Suit
I am doing a Captain America Avengers Movie Cosplay for Wales Comic Con at the end of April and I am getting really desperate for the suit.

I have all the accessories (Helmet, hood, gloves, gauntlets, boots and belt) but all I need is the actual suit. I ordered one from CosplaySky and it's terrible. The material is not flexible at all, the fit of it is boxy and doesn't fit with my body shape (even though I sent in my measurements).

Check here: http://cosplaysky.com/the-avengers-new-captain-america-costume-jacket-pants-set.html

So I am after someone who can commision a suit for me. Made out of a flexible and stretchy material that's also got a bit of thickness to it. Lyrca or spandex is too thin. Also with detailed features such as the shoulder straps, chest star, padded and sectioned waist etc.

Please email me at if you can help.

I also do have a budget of about £100.


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