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27 Feb 2013 - 11:2497767
Good morning all!
Hi there, I'm Hannah and I'm pretty new. I've been updating my journal for a few days for my latest project, but I thought it would be nice to introduce myself properly on the forum. So hi there!

I'm pretty new to cosplay but I'm really throwing myself into it. I'm pretty good with crafting, and being thrifty. I went to MCM London in October as an almost completely home-made Bulbasaur, but was never completely happy with the finished project. This year I'm upping my game by making two costumes (one for me, one for my partner), and I'm finding this site very useful in keeping track of everything!

Other than that, well I'm 23, a music student, singer and teacher, and I love Tolkien to the point of obsession. There you go. Hope I will be at home here! Maybe my misfit friends are on here too?

27 Feb 2013 - 18:1497779
Hi welcome to CI

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