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26 Feb 2013 - 20:0997757
Anime for sale
I have some anime I would like to sell and was told to try here. I selling because I really would like to make some funds before payday to buy a heartbeat monitor to listen to bubs

I list them and if people need photo's I will get them.

Ghost in the shell dvd's:
Innocence (sealed still)
Individual Eleven
The laughing Man

Bleach dvd's:
Season 4 part 2

(all disk again work fine, not sure about part 2 as never watched it but can check condition)

If you are interested please let me know, and not sure on what the dvd's go for though so open to offers but no silly ones please
I keep this open for a little while but not to long as I really would like to get the heartbeat monitor as soon as I can and if need be I will take them to a shop to try and sell.
Thank you.

Will take paypal and will post also.

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