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25 Feb 2013 - 00:3997682
Find bloggers!
So, I run a cosplay/arts blog at www.riaure.webs.com , and I haven't been going for long, it's just short of 2 months now, and I started looking around on here for other bloggers, because I thought I can't be the only one. I did a couple of forum searches and it was really tricky to find any other blogs.

So I thought it might be worth starting a thread for anyone who wants to share their blog, and for anyone looking for blogs to read, or even if you have a facebook page for your cosplays like I see quite a few people doing now-a-days.

The only rule being they must be cosplay/anime/manga related

[Didn't know if this would go here or in General Discussion, so I put it here for now too ]

So, share your links with me, CI

Startup cosplay photographer extraordinaire! See my portfolio and more at www.riaure.co.uk
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