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21 Feb 2013 - 19:2197569
DS: Morgiana from Magi Cosplay

This is basically a feeler at the moment, but I'm considering selling my Morgiana from Magi cosplay - I've worn it twice - once to try it one when I received it and again to Expo but it was worn for only 2 hours before I got changed into someone else!~ If I sold it I'd be selling it complete with wig, dress and necklace as seen in the picture I've uploaded on my Morgiana costume page -


The dress is rather see-through and not lined, so you would need shorts on underneath and a bandeau top as well on (like I wore), the lady I commissioned this from included a bandeau top for wearing underneath made of the same fabric (I'd also include this in the sale if it sold).

It was made to my measurements - 33 inch bust, 25 inch waist and 35 inch hips - but the dress is VERY baggy, completely shapeless and is tied in at the waist by a piece of the same material as the dress - so it would fit a variety of sizes. (I'm also willing to throw in the reel of black ribbon I bought to use for Morgiana's leg ties).

Please pm me or comment here if you are interested! I have more pics of the wig at hand and more of the costume and necklace if needed. - I'm currently trying to gauge interest in it if I were to sell it. I bought the dress for £40.00, the wig for £20.00 and the necklace for £15.00, but I'd be willing to sell it all for £50.00 OBO, and I will consider splitting the set if needed. (I will be very open to offers too).

I really do like this cosplay, but I prefer other characters in this series that I would like to cosplay more as!


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23 Feb 2013 - 16:5497627
Bumping! This is now a definite selling post!

Looking for £40 Shipped for everything (cosplay, necklace and wig)

£25 shipped for the dress

£12 shipped for the wig

£10 shipped for the necklace

I have measured the dress due to interest and the shoulders are 20 inch across and the bust/waist/hips are 45 inch right round (the dress has a standard 'sack' shape the entire length of it) - so it can accomodate a variety of sizes - the waist band ties it in at the waist so it becomes more fitted.

I can take more pics and measurements upon request! Please pm me or comment here~ (:

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