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20 Feb 2013 - 02:4597500
First costume :x
So, I am looking to make a Black Tom Cassidy Costume. I have never made a costume before but still want it to look awesome. I have a cosplaying veteran friend who I am hoping will help me with the main costume, but I'm looking for suggestions on the belt, collar and emblem on the shirt as these are the pieces I am most worried about.

He's the one in black in the front.

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20 Feb 2013 - 11:1197504
What do you plan to use for the top and trousers? Cause that can effect how you make the accessories.

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20 Feb 2013 - 20:3597535
Collar - super-stiff interfacing, use aluminium wire if you're really concerned about getting it to stand up but interfacing should do the trick.

Emblem - use red felt so it doesn't fray, or you can get your friend to show you how to do applique (applique the design on the front before you sew the side seams - you might have to split the design in half so you can put the zip down the front).

Belt - tricky cos it's circular, kinda hard to edge it with red bias tape when it's a circle shape. Making the red bits out of felt and sewing them over the top of the black to create the red edging might do the trick? You can buy felt by the metre to enable you to do this.

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20 Feb 2013 - 21:0397537
you can either do it trousers and top with thick stiffener in the collar or you can use the cheats stiffener which is watered down PVA. (this is all liquid stiffener is) but it will take a few sessions.

Or you can make a jump suit by following a pattern then stiffen the collar as mentioned. here are examples of patterns


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20 Feb 2013 - 22:5997543
Quote NixieThePixie:
What do you plan to use for the top and trousers? Cause that can effect how you make the accessories.

Was thinking about separate pieces and was thinking that the belt would be separate, but I suppose it doesn't have to be, I just don't want it to look hodge-podged together.

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