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15 Feb 2013 - 17:2197332
Hotel room available for May Expo!
Hi everyone,

I was going to May Expo at the ExCel but now can't make it because I have to go to a family wedding... the two friends I was going with aren't going either because of this.

So I have a hotel room available for the Friday and Saturday night at the Novotel right outside. It was pre-paid and I can't cancel it, but I'll happily call them and change the names over to you.

The room has a double bed and a double sofabed, and costs £144 a night. If two of you wanted it, that would be £72 a night each, or only £36 a night each if four people were staying. Not bad and about as close as you can get to the ExCel!

I'm devastated that I can't make it, but I hope someone else can take the room and go and have a great time at Expo instead of me.

Anyone interested?


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