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13 Feb 2013 - 20:1797284
Just Realised I Ain't Really Gone on the Forums Much
And what better place to start than on the introductions section? Umm... But how to start? Lesee...

I'm Ashy-kun, also known as Konekone and other names in other areas. I've been cosplaying for pretty much every con I've been to with varying levels of success (my first con, Amecon 2008, I forgot the most important thing, the wig that all my costumes shared), and for pretty much every con I've been to since Amecon 2010, I've been taking on the role of events runner, offering my own panels to run during the con, also with varying success.

First was "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Con", which was pretty much dead on arrival, but not entirely terrible for a first panel.

Next was the at least minimally successful "Otaku Japanese 101" (and later 102), which at least entertained some people, but doesn't look like it will stay long, and indeed, I have considered putting it down for some needed rest, to concentrate on other things.

Finally, last year, I debuted "Blind Dating Sim", which has probably been the best one so far, particularly as it is very audience participation-heavy (well, technically, I wanted Otaku Japanese to be, too, but it never panned out, with audiences reluctant to join in), and generally a lot of fun. Here's a link to the Ayacon forums, where I explain what it is. http://www.ayacon.org.uk/forum/index.php/topic,27.0.html

I generally love doing cosplays, as I'm something of an act-tor, dahlings, and I love being able to play different characters, which is possibly why Blind Dating Sim did so well, as it gave people with a similar interest in roleplay as their characters somewhere to go.

Umm... In regards to my cosplay tastes, I tend to go for obscurer characters, or just characters I really like from series I feel need more exposure. This does have the disadvantage of barely anyone recognising me or where I'm from, but hey, that could always be down to my terrible skills in bringing the costume together.

But, yeah, that's me, pretty much. Man, I'm bad at introducing myself.

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16 Feb 2013 - 17:4697344
Welcome to the forums

21 Feb 2013 - 00:2697544
Hey There

So many Panels Hope you enjoy the forums

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