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12 Feb 2013 - 17:0197235
Filming in Scotland (Starring role needed)
Hi guys,

Me and my colleague are filming a short film in Scotland (Perthshire) with a troop of around 10-15 Fully armoured and authentic looking roman soldiers. We are looking for a Barbarian (Native Britanic, think Keiran Knightley in King Arthur as an example) woman to star in our short, and ultimately kick some Roman Ass. This will appear on Youtube too in beautiful HD.

It will look amazing when its complete, and we would really like to give a cosplayer the opportunity to get the chance to star in this rather than casting an actor. Cosplayers tend to be a bit more willing to get involved in action anyway!

Anyone interested please email with the subject "Scotland Filming" or text 07429330309

If possible attach a photo, as we need to find someone that is really up for running around with a sword but looks great doing it!

Cheers guys!


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