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11 Feb 2013 - 19:2797203
Kagamine Len - Overalls?

I'm making my cosplay myself based on the image above. I've got everything sorted, except for the top part of the black bits! I've got the shorts sorted, however, I have no idea what to do with the black bit over the shirt! Help?


20 Feb 2013 - 23:5097540
Do you mean the fabric part or the clips?

I would take the shorts you have with you when you buy fabric to get fabric closets to what you already have. Then it would just be a case of cutting out the square and attatching straps. The rings are called rectangle D-rings. You can find these either online or from a craft store.

With the straps make these out of left over fabric but just make them into flat tubes so the seam is in the middle of the back of them.

Then Attatch to the shorts. You could either safety pin the top segment to the botton if your not looking for a permenant. If you want them permenant sew directly to the shorts or use velcro so you can get in and out the shorts if they have a front zip

21 Feb 2013 - 12:5397559
Thank you! ^^ I will definitely use this.

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