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10 Feb 2013 - 17:4297153
Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera Sequel) Christine Daae Mask Price Quote Wanted

Is anyone familiar with making custom fit high quality masks, we're talking moulded to an individuals face for perfect fit or know someone who is please?

Just wondering if such a talent exists because I have always loved the mask used on Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera Sequel). It's Christine Daae's Mask and am looking for a price quote please.

Pics here:


I also need a UK tour style Phantom mask to go with my Christine Daae costume please so if anyone has one or can make one please let me know. Figured if I can't find anyone cosplaying as the Phantom to go with, if I'm holding the Phantom's mask at least a few people might be able to work out I'm cosplaying as Christine Daae

Please reply to this or PM me.

Thanks so much,


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