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09 Feb 2013 - 21:5597127
Does anyone know.....One Piece photoshoot?
Does anyone know if there any One Piece photo shoots happening at the MCM in May? My sis is going as Perona in a gown and wants photos with other one piece cosplayers

10 Feb 2013 - 04:1997131
I'm sure there will be! There always is maybe check out the MCM Expo forums? There's most likely a thread for it already!

11 Feb 2013 - 18:0397200
There doesn't seem to be a One Piece cosplay thread over at the MCM forums yet, but I'm sure there will be one organising a meet of some sort nearer the time.

I may well be going as Nami (Arlomg Arc post-stabbing) on one of the days.

11 Feb 2013 - 18:1997201
I'll be going as time skip nami, your best bet is to ask on the Expo facebook page



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