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07 Feb 2013 - 16:5197042
waistcoat commissions wanted!
hey there! i'm in need of some waistcoats for cosplays from koyashige's live performances of chirarizumu and murarisuto. long story short, i need one red waistcoat and one pink one. i'm afraid i have no suggestion whatsoever as to what the red one may be made of, because i have no experience with fabrics, but the pink one seems to be your regular waistcoat covered in pink sequins. the back of both of them seems to be red and pink satin respectively?

i would ideally like to work with the same commissioner for both of these, simply because they're both quite similar. however, since i know that the pink one in particular is gonna be very time consuming and some may not have the time for that, if you would actually prefer to make one over the other just let me know and i'm sure we can sort that out!

i'm aware that it may be too late to get one of these commissioned in time for april or may, so perhaps august? i'm not looking to get them both at the same time, so if you would rather take one on at a time, that would certainly work out best! it just seems more effective to post both in the same ad at the same time, and throw the ball in your court in a way ;w;

as for prices, i would like quotes from people more than anything else - the last thing i wanna do is underprice or overprice, and i'm terrible when it comes to this i'm afraid! so if you are interested, if you could send me an estimated price for the materials and your time/skill so i could get a rough idea about how much this will cost (for either one or both!) that would be absolutely brilliant.

please contact me via pm if you're interested, or email me at dennousenshiporygon [at] gmail [dot] com!

i'm looking forward to dealing with you!

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