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04 Feb 2013 - 20:0196885
Looking for someone to make a small amount of armour
Hey guy's. I'm having trouble with making the armour for a character I'm doing at Gemucon, I've tried everything to make it but as usual I'm very bad at everything I do, So I've wasted £200 already on this stupid armour and it's beginning to irritate me.


I'm looking for the armour to be made for this, there's no back references to her, just that. That includes the breastplate, shoulders, and vambraces. If you could give me an estimated price for it too, that would be great, and a link to some of your other stuff so I can check it out.

I realise it's short notice but I've been trying and trying and nothing is working. Anyway...
Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Don't need this commission anymore, thank you!

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