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03 Feb 2013 - 17:1996854
Wash out hair dye
Can anybody recommend a wash in/wash out hair dye?

We're looking to see if we can use a quick temporary ginger/red dye as opposed to a wig as a decent wig is a bit beyond our budget at the moment.

Any suggestions?

03 Feb 2013 - 20:1696859
So nice to see other people from Eastbourne!

I'm guessing this is for Misfit? Most of my experiences with wash in wash out dyes have been horrible!
All the truly temporary ones I've tried have left my hair stiff and either hard like it's been set with gel, or as if I've sprayed it liberally with hairspray. The biggest problem with these though is they're very difficult to apply evenly and tidily. Often they will leave patchy colour and stain over the skin or run if you sweat. (These are the last until you wash it once party dyes.)

I've used stargazer and directions semi permanent dyes before, both of which last a few weeks or so and fade gradually. These allow for natural movement of the hair as you'd expect with a wash in dye, which means a lot less stress the morning of a convention, however your daughter may get into trouble with school depending on their policy with dyes.
Superdrug has a great selection of semi-permanent dyes in store, more than they do on their website, so it's worth looking around and just checking the labels on boxes to see how long they last. You can always look up ones that you like the sound of online. In this instance negative feedback may be the ones to look for as it'll be people grumbling at how it hasn't lasted long enough

If you can stretch to it I'd always suggest a wig, I've used my own hair enough times to know what a stress it can be, and how damaging to the hair itself. Did have a quick look and found these three for a reasonable price, obviously nicer as they get more expensive.


Hope this helps a bit!

04 Feb 2013 - 11:3896875
Naturally depending on the base colour will depend how well it takes. My sister is blonde so anything she puts on her hair takes really well - my brunette locks on the other hand often refuse so that's something to bare in mind.

She absolutly loves manic panic hair dyes. I actually used the blue and it did work but only lightly. It's a vegan hair dye so nothing in it hurts your hair and you can get some awesome colours:


I've heard of people sleeping with it on over night with their hair wrapped in a towel and then voila coloured hair the next day Plus it's only semi and it washes out quite quickly

Another one I had luck with is the live semi permenant hair dyes:


04 Feb 2013 - 13:0096876
I've had bad experiences with the spray stuff. It does make your hair really stiff. Also it tends to rub off on anything that touches it. I've had the collars of costumes covered in the bright yellow dye.

04 Feb 2013 - 20:0196886
Cripes, guys - many, many thanks.

So much hard work and good advice. Totally and completely grateful. I'd started to consider food dye! (Yep, this one is for Misfit..)

I'll discuss with El (she's not allowed on the forums yet) and see what we decide but once again thank you.

PS: agree re the spray on stuff. We tried some last year for purple (hit girl) - ack, not good. Not good at all!

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