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30 Jan 2013 - 15:5896683
Wig & manga for sale [added more manga/anime/wig]
Grey wig in decent condition, only been worn once. Is a little thin in some places near the wig cap but isn't noticeable when worn. £10 including P&P

Photos of wig being worn here:

Code geass:Nightmare of Nunnally volume one
Some slight grey discolouring to back of volume otherwise in good condition. £5 including P&P

Medium length brown wig. Only been worn once. Wig was originally longer when bought, I cut the wig, the bottom is NOT entirely straight as that was how the character had her hair. With a trim, the bottom can be the same length. £10 including P&P

Small mokona plush £3.50 (including P&P)
Has a pull string at the back, vibrates when pulled.

Godchild manga volumes 1-5
£12 for whole set or £3 each (price does not include P&P)


Gate 7- volume 1.
In good condition, only been read once.
£5 including P&P.


Angel sanctuary manga volumes 1-4
£10 for all 4 volumes or £3 each per volume.
Volume 1 has some damage to the front cover, for volume one only £2.
Not including P&P.


Ghost in the shell £4.50, including P&P.
Read or die, £4.50 including P&P.


Batman detective comics, issue 8.
In good condition.
£1 (not including P&P)


Avengers sanction, issue 2 of 4.
In good condition.
£1 (not including P&P)


Feel free to make reasonable offers.

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30 Jan 2013 - 16:0496684
do you trade?

I like to cosplay, read manga, study Japanese, korean and Chinese. I like Anime and a lot more.
30 Jan 2013 - 16:0596685
Sorry I don't, I really need the money!

25 Feb 2013 - 07:5297688
Bump! Added new items.

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