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30 Jan 2013 - 13:3696676
Want a furry costume created? I can help!
Hi guys, so a few of my friends have said I need to start offering out my services as a costume maker so here I am giving it a go!

First of all I am mainly a furry creature creator. Pokemon, cats, dogs, wolves, horses, critters, give me a reference and I can probably do it. I am currently in the middle of creating a quad suit for myself leafeon, from Pokemon, and once it is done I should feel confident enough to try another one.

I am looking to have leafeon done by the end of February so I am looking to open commissions for full suits then.

I can also make, gajinkaa accessories (ears, tails etc)

Please take a look at my costumes and send me a message if you are interested and I will be able to quote you a price and a time scale.

Thank you for looking.


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