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28 Jan 2013 - 22:5596600
hello , im Rain

my name is Rain

im 19
im level 2 hairdresser
im a cosplayer
im a fursuiter
im a steampuner

my style is goth,punk, emo , i never keep my style to just one

i am very open to everyone no matter what you look like, who you are or your personality

im a mix of everything

i live in south wales, in a town called Ebbw Vale ( its about 1 hour train ride from cardiff)

its a small town and its not the best place to live

if you live near there let me know im looking to make new friends near me

everywhere else too

i dont go out apart from collage and shopping

i dont go to meets anymore because of certain things thats happened but i still cosplay and take photos with my partner and am looking into going to expos again

i like most anime and manga specially ones filled with fighting and blood lol

so this is just a small hi from me

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