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27 Jan 2013 - 18:4996542
WTB Giant Zips (Kingdom Hearts)
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has any large spare zips that they no longer need/wish to get rid of?

I was thinking something along the lines of this in terms of size:


The picture above shows a double ended 54" zip, which if you had, I would be glad to take off your hands! However, if you have any 25-30" zips also I would love to buy one from you as I already have one myself in this size, and two of them would work just as well!

If possible, I'd prefer them to be black/grey, like the photo above shows.

Please let me know if you have one that you don't need any more? You would be a lifesaver! <3

PS: I thought I would ask here first before buying one from the website shown above; as the shipping would be cheaper and it would be more likely that I would receive it in time!

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