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26 Jan 2013 - 23:1296509
WTB/WTT/WTC:-chobit ears
want to buy,trade, commission

i am still looking for Resin chobit chii ears

no foam/plastic ones

( ill look at plastic ones but if they look overly shiney i wont consider them,

i would like rather big ones like the photo shows and not small ones

i will do trades but if you want to trade you will have to send item first and i will wait till i get the item before sending mine out

( i have had enough with being scammed by pathetic people and have people who can vouch for me that i will send items)

if you say you can make a pair, please provide images of past ones, if its your first time making them i will not consider them

im only looking really to trade but if i have to buy im looking from £5-15 depending what they look like and material

and no links please to ebay,esty etc... i have got a perfect pair in mind but the price is over £30

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