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26 Jan 2013 - 23:4396507
Modifying high Heels heels?
Did that title make any sense?
Probably not

I'm working on an Operetta (Monster High) Cosplay, and her shoes.
Need I say more?

I have the base shoes, lovely gorgeous Ex Display shoes I got off ebay that I kinda feel bad about cannibalising...
I just have no idea how to go about making the Treble Clef shape.
And I'd like to get that sorted before I start re-painting parts of the shoes...

'cos I ain't got a clue.

(also, side note, one of my legs is horrificly covered in scars and open wounds from a bed-bug attack I suffered over a year ago now, any ideas on how to clear them up before the next con/cover them enough so I have the confidence to get my legs out? I know sunshine helps 'cos California did wonders for my scars, but there are two problems with that, winter and I'm too self concious to get my legs out in the first place so they never see the sun...)

27 Jan 2013 - 00:2796510
Maybe clay for the heels? Bio-Oil is good for reducing scars but you do have to use it consistently for quite a while. In the meantime, a pair of thin tights to disguise them?

27 Jan 2013 - 12:2996517
Do you have a picture of the shoes you are modifying as you need to be careful as the new heel still has to be able to support your weight or it will be very uncomfortable walking around.

Your best bet would to get shoes with a semi stiletto heel or at least a narrow one and build around it with clay or foam glued to the heal or something along those lines but keeping it off the ground so it doesn't rub and break but you want to keep it light so it doesn't make it more tiring to walk around.

27 Jan 2013 - 14:5796523
You're able to buy Lady Gaga style heel-less shoes really easily at the moment. Not sure how comfortable the are but at least you'd know they'd be able to support you.


27 Jan 2013 - 16:1096524
These are the shoes I have at the moment

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27 Jan 2013 - 16:5996526
Nice shoes Personally I'd use the stilletto as the straight part of the treble clef and use air-dry clay the build the rest around it.

28 Jan 2013 - 00:4496566
Quote puzzledpenguin:
Nice shoes Personally I'd use the stilletto as the straight part of the treble clef and use air-dry clay the build the rest around it.

I concur. You'll want to walk about in them a bit and see how you actually walk in them because the back of the clef may smash against the ground and ruin all your hard work while you're wearing it. You may want to try some kind of rubber that will slowly wear down rather than break fully.

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