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26 Jan 2013 - 14:3296483
[Help!!] Looking for a Skitty gijinka wig! (´・ω・`)

My friend is looking for a wig for a gijinka Skitty (from Pokemon) cosplay and we were stuck on what sort of thing to go for. We have a few in mind, and have an idea of what will be just perfect (milkshake pink, short, bob style (?) with maybe a fringe, either straight across or something feathery). Anyway, we have narrowed it down to a few, but were wondering if any of the good people on CosplayIsland have any suggestions or advice? Ideally we don't want to spend anything over £20, and the quality needs to be as nice as possible (ie. no wefts showing at the back, nice quality fibres, you know the deal).

Here are the two we have in mind so far:

Or there is this option, which is slightly cheaper, but I am iffy on the quality of it...

Also, this is a reference picture of Skitty in case anyone was unaware: http://img.pokemondb.net/artwork/skitty.jpg

Any help on the matter would be very much appreciated! (´・ω・`)

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26 Jan 2013 - 16:3696488
I'd go for the first one, it looks really good quality and feels most like Skitty to me. Your friend will look really cute.

26 Jan 2013 - 17:4096489
OK! Thanks very much for your help, we needed a third opinion, haha!

26 Jan 2013 - 17:4296490
That's Ok, I know the feeling, when you've looked at what seems like a hundred wigs and your brain has just fried.

26 Jan 2013 - 17:5896492
YEAH exactly! We've been struggling over these three for days, but I am glad we came to a decision.

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