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24 Jan 2013 - 19:2396404
Working with leather plus advice on cosplaying lars alexandersson
My mum is going to throw away the leather couch, she's allowing me to skin it so that I can use it for my lars alexandersson cosplay. I've never worked with leather before so any warnings? Also I'm going to use paint on it but my question is which paint should i use?. If you want to give me advice on cosplaying lars your more than welcome to, i want to make this cosplay really good especially since im using leather instead of what I planned (cardboard)

24 Jan 2013 - 22:1696420
When it comes to painting leather depending on the colour you want you can either dye it or paint it. I've not worked with dyes myself I always just paint it. I've had very good results with Tarrago Leather dye (see my Belle Cosplay for details):


but I generally buy it from ebay.

The only tip I can think of is because it's leather you will need use a thick needle when sewing it

25 Jan 2013 - 08:0296428

25 Jan 2013 - 10:4396432
Are you predominantly hand-sewing or machine sewing? And how thick is the couch leather?

If the leather isn't too thick you'd do best to get specialist leather needles. They're available for both hand and machine sewing. They have a small bladed edge designed to pierce through skin (protip: this includes your own skin so be careful!) rather than the pointed tip for going through fabric weaves. Machine sewing will also go a lot better if you have a teflon foot as leather can sometimes "stick" to regular machine feet.

If the leather is really thick, you should really get an awl. There are special awls available that can sew as well, or you can just use the awl to pierce the leather and use a regular needle to go through the holes.

For hand sewing it's also a good idea to have a small pair of pliers handy as sometimes the needle can be very hard to push/pull through the leather. A thimble can come in handy too.

Good luck!

25 Jan 2013 - 11:4396437

25 Jan 2013 - 12:1096439
Good thing i asked

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