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23 Jan 2013 - 19:1996345
Wig and Makeup help
Hi all,
i can't make up my mind about what colour i would need for this wig


also help with the makeup would be a great help.

Many thanks


23 Jan 2013 - 19:3496347
wig is a dark purple / off blue... seen in both the comic and the figures...

Most wig stores do purple wigs around that length, not a real problem... the makeup is pretty weird though as she has quite a yellow / pink tinge to her skin, much like Arisia from the GL Corps...

The main design is 4 yellow 'chevrons' pointing in towards the bridge of the nose, 2 above the eyes, 2 on the cheeks... so that's simple enough to do over an existing tinted foundation to give the alien hue of the skin



23 Jan 2013 - 21:1396351
thanks i didnt know weither it was Dark blue or purple and thanks for the makeup tips

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24 Jan 2013 - 00:5796370
something like this should do well




24 Jan 2013 - 18:5496403

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