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23 Jan 2013 - 12:2596328
Any help/suggestions for a kusanagi cosplay.
Hello all! Signed up here ages ago and then hugely neglected the forum. Glad to be back though (if you'll have me) and i'm after some help with my first 'proper' cosplay.

I would like to cosplay Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost in the Shell film. Emphasis being on the film.

As much as I understand the rationale behind Kusanagis image changes I really don't think Kusanagi from the original film can be beaten.

I know one could argue that a cosplay based on the original manga would be a 'truer' representation of her but for me, the film will always trump it.

I am basically hoping for any good suggestions for any one of her outfits in the film. I particularly like the blue/purple piped jacket from one of the opening scenes and rather controversially...the infamous orange jacket which i suspect i might be able to pick up on ebay. That said I would love the combat gear and an m23 or p90 replica but i'm not sure i'm slim enough to carry that off!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate (no purple wigs please )


Lora x


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