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20 Jan 2009 - 23:419927
This isn't asking for help, more of a sharing of my experiences with using Paverpol, which I brought a tub of recently to test out. So call it a review if you will.

Paverpol can be brought online at this site:


Now I was interested because it said it was a textile hardener, and so I figured it might be useful. I was making a face mask/helmet for a costume, so I wanted something that would be more ridged than paper mache.

So I brought a little tub of Paverpol and tried it.

And to be honest, it just seems like fancy PVA to me.

It smells almost exactly the same, same consistency and the same feeling on your hands when it dries.

I tried it with strips of cotton over a head cast, and the results look pretty much like I just used PVA. It's just as flexible as PVA would have been, and the hardness depends completely on how much glue you've put on there.

So if anyone was interested in trying it then I would have to say that I don't recommend it.

If anyone else has had a more positive experience with Paverpol, please feel free to tell me the positives of it. Because at the moment it just seems like expensive PVA to me, and we all hate the word expensive.


21 Jan 2009 - 09:589933
Thats so dissapointing

I had high hopes for the stuff seeing how good that space marine turned out it sounded like it could have been a good fiberlglass replacement

Im so sorry

21 Jan 2009 - 10:249934
It's fine- I was hoping for that too. I'm glad I brought a small tub.

Though Xae found this the other night and linked me to it- it may be the answer to our fibre glass dreams!



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