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20 Jan 2009 - 03:129894
muscle suit?
Ok guys I’ve worked out how to make the muscle suit for my next Secret cosplay so im going to try to keep what im making a secret. "sory about that."

ok the muscle suit will be made with lots of cushion foam, tie sleeved top, a duck tape dummy of myself and a hell lot of glue

My problem is working out the best fabric for the job to go over the foam muscle.
As the fabric need to be white, look shinny,
plastic-ish,pvc? and have a stretch to it this is so it fallow the contours of the foam muscles?

Does anyone have any idea about a fabric like this or any way i can make a good muscle suit?

thank you

20 Jan 2009 - 07:089898
Just a thought, it may be a bit of a long shot, you could aways make the suit using a lycra fabric and then paint over the top with a pva glue/Mavel Medium so that it has the shiny finish.

20 Jan 2009 - 09:129903
Lycra's pretty damn shiney on its own- you may not even need the top coat.


20 Jan 2009 - 09:519904
If your atter a really shiney finish you can cover the suit in lycra


Paint a mix of Acryllc paint with latex directly on to the foam and then seal the paint with Acrylic Sealant or Isoflex Primer..

The Isoflex will give a really shiney finish but Isoflex + Latex will work out to be much more expensive than the Lycra.
Also the foam will have to be cut ultra smoothe or rough edges will show up real bad.

I think i know the character you have in mind and i think Lycra will work out really well, i also remember it being a onepeice suit? So whatever you cover the torso in your legs will have to match?

You can buy very shiney lycra on ebay its intened for stage so the shine shows from a distance and it has more elastin than normal so you could try glueing oit to the contors of the muscles? Having not tried it before i dont know how that will work?.

Also best Glue for the foam.. Evostick!!

If your after any more pointers just give ma a shout but you already have the most part of it down

I cant wait to see it!!!


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