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12 Jan 2013 - 20:2195836
face hair
I´ve been doing same research about how to make fake beards and moustaches.

The ones I find are pretty expensive and look terrible, even the real hair ones.
the tutorials about crepe wool look interesting but I was planning on something with a lot of work on it and I don´t thing that working on the skin will work.

one of the proyects I´d like to do is the dwarves in the hobbit (http://www.mentorless.com/2011/http://07/21/hobbit-the-dwarves-team-is-complete/), so I think it would take a very long time to glue the crepe and style it.

Do you have some experience? do you know how to work with crepe wool on a different surface and then transfer it on the face? or do you know any store with nice face hair "wigs"?


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12 Jan 2013 - 22:3495844
Xaerael posted something how the professionals do it.

I can't find it, but I'll try to recall from memory. It sounds weird as hell but not a troll. (Pm him too).

Get a male friend to grow his beard out, shave it and collect the stubble hair (gross I know)

Get a sponge applicator and cut into it to create a bumpy lumpy surface, apply glue and pick up stubble onto it to create a stubble brush.

Use that to apply the dark makeup to your skin to recreate the look.

13 Jan 2013 - 00:4195852
The beards in the hobbit were all hand knotted, the above mentioned technique is only really for stubble, not beards.

You can purchase wig lace online easily enough, probably quite cheaply on ebay, then use (preferably) real hair and knot it onto the lace.

Wig knotting isn't that hard to pick up and you don't necessarily need fancy tools, I used to just used crochet hooks that I'd file down a couple years ago. However, it's very time consuming and if you haven't done it before it will take you a *very* long time, but will deliver you with the best results!

My biggest piece of advice would be to really take notice of what direction the hair grows in and to emulate this with how you lay the hair, if you don't it'll just look unnatural.

Here are some example videos from a quick youtube search

Feel free to PM me if you have any queries

My God. Its full of stars
13 Jan 2013 - 02:4495854
To add on to what Sands said Stan Winston (funnily enough it was Xae that I heard about the site from) did a video on how to do it. The videos are about £12 but they are done by industry professionals and generally go into a lot of detail:

I've not seen that one specifically but I've bought about 6 videos from them already.

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13 Jan 2013 - 11:4195857
thank you for the information. the links are very interesting.

the problem is that I´m not very handy, I´m improving but it scares a little bit all that work with my hands. And it will take for ever.

Kata-san that web it´s amazing but too professional, did you use the videos you bought? it´s look that you have to buy a lot of expensive tools to be able to follow them. But I like most of them, mainly the make up ones.

Do you think I could glue the crepe wool to the wig lace, it won´t be the same but maybe good enough?

this is a long time proyect so I might dare with the knotting.

14 Jan 2013 - 00:0495893
Looking at the trial videos then knotting would take FOREVER! I was trying out a few things as I had the same problem as you where I didn't want to spend hours gluing crepe wool to my face just before the con etc. Gluing it the wig lace might work, I think this would be a try it and see situation.

My thought was painting some latex in a few layers onto a piece of plastic or something that it can peel off of and then apply the crepe wool to that and then have a hair prosthetic, I tried it and it worked fairly well but I got frustrated with the crepe hair and gave up but that was just because I couldn't be bothered to do all the hair.

I haven't applied the theory from the videos yet but the videos I bought generally aren't (mega) expensive materials or tools that people on here aren't already using e.g. molding silicone etc, but they can be on the pricer side. Most of the things I've been watching are the animatronics which can be pricey but not ridiculous.

14 Jan 2013 - 17:3395917
thanks! Yes I think latex it´s a good idea.It´s going to take a lot of time anyhow but at least I could do it in advance and not just in one season.

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