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11 Jan 2013 - 16:1895787
spray paint
hope this is the right section.

Basically i am looking to replicate the heavy's minigun from tf2. something along the lines of this:

Now im figuring spray painting will be better than normal bucket paint, (nicer finish) but the stuff in the DIY shops is well expensive.

I have found this flame paint online http://www.writersbench.co.uk/spray-paint/flame-spray-paint.aspx but i have never heard of it, nor know what it is like. It's about a third of the price and the same size in ml.

Does anyone have any experience using this "graffiti" paint? or should i stick to plasticote/car paint?

18 Jan 2013 - 00:0896066
I don't have an experience working with this brand of paint myself but since it is acrylic spray paint I imagine it will work on plastic. Naturally you will need to test it first and I have had times when I used the same brand of spray paint (I usually go for the Wilkinsons Brand) on two different plastic surfaces and had different results so really it's just trial and error. But at £2.60 even if you test it and it doesn't do the trick it's not really a massive bank breaker. It may also be worth checking your local £shop as at this time of year they often have silver spray paint for spraying christmas decs with. And again at a £1 it's worth testing.

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