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11 Jan 2013 - 10:0195777
Selling pretty much everything I own!
So my boyfriend and I have found a new house, but we have to raise £2000 by the 25th January, so I am selling pretty much everything I own! I am doing this as an online live sale on my businesses facebook page www.facebook.com/celticroseart Please invite yourself, there are HUNDREDS of things to be added: steampunk, gothic, cosplay, jewelry, accessories, dvds, books, comics, homewares, craft supplies..... I'll just keep listing stuff until I run out of things! The live protion of the sale is over this weekend, on a first come, first served basis, and then anything not sold by Monday will be ebayed/whatever as a appropriate. So yes, please come and invite yourself, every penny helps, even if you only buy a £1 necklace, it's a pound more than we had before, and if everyone on my friend's list did that, we would have more than enough money!

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